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Aegir Tactics
4 min readJun 29, 2022

With Aegir Tactics reaching a playable state, we will be holding a series of weekly updates to showcase information regarding the game’s visuals, gameplay, and tokenomics. Below are the dates and reveal info. For additional info or If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in our Discord:

6/29/22 — Gameplay Interface and Mechanics Part 1
7/6/22 — Gameplay Interface and Mechanics Part 2
7/13/22 — Berserker Gameplay Video
7/27/22 —Templar Gameplay Video
8/3/22 — Tokenomics Reveal
8/10/22 —Live Gameplay Match

Gameplay Interface and Mechanics Part 1

(In-game visuals are still a work in progress)

A unit is placed on the board

This week we are focusing on the legend interface and units, a type of card found in every deck. To start a game, each player must choose a legend. A player’s legend will be displayed prominently in the interface and any cards drawn from their deck will be held in the area above. Cards can be moused over for additional information and can be played by dragging them onto the game board when requirements are met.

Mouse over cards for more information

Legend Name/Class — The name and class of your chosen legend. Your deck and abilities correspond to the class of this legend.
Health (Red Orb) — Legends start each game at 30 health. Once a legend’s health is reduced to 0, the game ends.
Mana (Blue Orb) — At the start of each turn, players have access to an additional mana gem and all previous gem’s refresh.
Legend Abilities (Bottom Center) — Each legend has access to three abilities specific to their class. These abilities are designed to synergize well with their deck and provide consistent access to class mechanics.
Class Resource (Purple Orb) — Throughout play, legends generate a resource corresponding to their class. This resource can be spent to use abilities.

Units are a card type found in each legends deck

Unit Name — Clan Raider
Keyword: Enrage (When this unit takes damage, trigger an effect)
Mana Cost (1) — The amount of mana required to place a unit in play.
Attack (2) — The amount of damage a unit can deal
Health (2) — Damage taken reduces a unit’s health. Once a unit’s health reaches 0, it is removed from the board.
Rarity (Green Gem) — A colored gem indicating the cards rarity

Gameplay Vision

We have talked a lot about enhanced game accessibility and collectibles but another key component of Aegir Tactics’ vision is improving CCG gameplay. We have spent a lot of time going over feedback from both casual players and top professionals and wanted to start sharing our thoughts on some of the common CCG gameplay problems and how we can solve them with the legend deck and ability systems.

Game Length — Long time CCG players are sure to remember games which went on longer than they were supposed to. Games lasting 40+ minutes are not uncommon in several other games, and have been known to frustrate players. The legend ability system is designed to give games a feeling of progression and to prevent them from going on too long. Once a legend has fully leveled up their abilities, the game is likely to end soon after.

Win Conditions — Having a variety of playable options is a top feature in any card game. However, large card pools often lead to decks with extreme win conditions which can lead to toxic gameplay. For example, some decks aim to play all of the cheapest cards so that they can win before their opponent has a chance to react. The legend deck system gives us an edge in solving this problem, by allowing us to ensure that each deck has appropriate win conditions and counterplay.

Excessive Random Elements — Card games come with the expectation of random elements such as who gets to go first and what cards each player draws. We expect there to be a healthy amount of variation from game to game which many players agree adds to replayability. However, at times we have also seen an excess of random elements. Cards which have random effects have been known to determine the results of games, even at the highest level of play. We are committed to keeping random elements to a healthy level, to ensure that decision making is the determining factor in games.




Aegir Tactics

Aegir Tactics is a next generation digital card game designed to bring fairness and balance back to competitive play.