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Aegir Tactics
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The Aegir Tactics tokenomics will provide users with engagement incentives by implementing a game-funded protocol owned treasury and a 5-year $AGR distribution plan.

Protocol owned treasury

All in-game purchases will be priced in USDc and will accept USDc or $AGR. All game revenue will flow directly to the treasury, where USDc will be zapped into USDc/$AGR LP tokens while $AGR will be distributed based on governance. Once the system is in equilibrium, decisions regarding development will be voted on and funded by the treasury.

An Aegir Vault

Aegir Vaults

Vaults are the primary distribution method for game assets. There will be two types of vaults. Class vaults will be released when a new class is added to the game and will only contain assets from that Class. Series vaults will contain assets from all classes which have assets remaining in their series vaults pool.

Vault Contents

Vaults will contain legends and premium cards. There will be three tiers of legend rarity with Mythic legends being the most rare. There will also be three tiers of premium cards corresponding to the rarity of cards in each deck.

Rashad the Corsair

Legend and Premium Card Utility

In addition to providing users access to additional characters and limited edition cosmetics, our game assets are also key to the 5-year $AGR distribution plan.

Legends will allow players to earn gems for winning daily matches and completing quests in Aegir Tactics. Each legend in a player’s collection will allow them to earn gems from an additional daily win. For example, if a player holds three legends, they will earn gems from their first three wins each day. The amount of gems earned will be based on the rarity of those three legends.

Premium cards will add a bonus multiplier to the amount of gems earned when winning matches while playing as their associated class. The more premium cards you own, the more gems you will earn.

At the end of each week, $AGR will automatically be exchanged for the gems each player earned that week relative to the total amount of gems earned. This will ensure that active players are rewarded.


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