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tl;dr: Invite people to improve your chances of being selected as one of the first people to play Aegir Tactics. Selected winners will receive a special access NFT that grants access to the Closed Beta in Q4, including the special access channel.

How do you join Aegir Tactics’ Closed Beta?

Hey Legends and Card Game Enthusiasts,

we are very excited to move forward to a Closed Beta in the coming months and want to get you involved to make it a big success, which is why we have decided to reward mythic legend holders as well as people that get their friends excited for Aegir Tactics.

Mysterious NFT which will be revealed once won, Created by Blockrunner

Special NFT

Because the closed beta is such a big step for us as a project, we are happy to announce that we will be giving out a special access NFT to those chosen to be on the closed beta. This special NFT will be designed by Blockrunner who is the Creator/Artist of Flemish Giants and has done the art for Fracctal Monsters as well.

Fairness of Access

We hope to make access to our Beta as fair as possible, but realize that with every exclusive preview people might feel left out, which is why we are doing multiple rounds of invites, slowly onboarding more and more players to test and give feedback and further improving the game mechanics.

Release of Closed Beta

We are aiming to release the Beta in the fourth quarter of 2022 without announcing a hard cut-off for invites to be counted, to ensure that late comers also have a chance to participate in one of the later rounds.

Details on how to get a spot

So let us get into the details on how to get access to the Closed Beta.

If you have joined the waitlist and hold 15 mythic legends you’ll be eligible to access the Closed Beta. You have either been there from the beginning, have worked your way up to those 15 legends or are just as excited about the game as we are and we believe that should be valued. The only thing we ask, is that you still sign up for the waitlist, so we can manage the onboarding process accordingly. We decided against holding one of each, but at the same time want to reward those that do. It is possible to hold 15 Rashad’s or [enter your favorite legend here] to be guaranteed a spot in the first round.

Since we know that we have many fans of the project that might have gotten wind of it after the release of the mythic legends (and might therefore be priced out), we want to reward those that invite a lot of people as well. We decided not to publish a leaderboard or a hard criterion of number of invites to discourage people from spamming. Because we are aware that not everyone always plays fair, we decided to play the selection process a bit closer to our chest, which is why the next steps get a bit blurry.

However, if you invite the most people to the Aegir Tactics Beta, you are getting a spot in the Closed Beta as well and we’ll be happy to listen to your feedback in our special access channel that you can only unlock with the Closed-Beta-NFT.

What does that mean for those that hold some legends and invited some people?

People that hold two legends might be eligible to join the Closed Beta, because they invited a lot more people than someone with 8 legends. At the same time we want to reward those long time holders that might not know tons of people or are new to twitter, but have been very active in our discord.

So how can this be fair? It probably can’t be, but we will be putting in manual work trying to weigh holders of legends, invite status, participation in discord and activity on our socials in general, instead of just letting it be a numbers game and hope that this will ensure a higher level of fairness.


We would be happy if you used #AegirTactics on twitter or tagged us @aegirtactics to make some noise, but any tweet might get you that sweet extra special shiny superfragilisticexpialidocious access NFT.

You’ll find some example tweets to copy and paste at the bottom, if you feel you want to save your creative juices to beat us at our own game later on. Get your own referral link here: (you might need to turn of ad block)

If you have any suggestions on how to encourage sharing of our game while also honoring current holders of mythic legends, we‘ll gladly listen to you in our suggestions thread in our Discord.

Fun fact: Did you know that “Aegir” rhymes with “beer”?

Cheers everybody and good luck!

Cheers :)

Here are some example tweets:

I want to win a superfragilisticexpialidocious NFT that gives me access to the closed Aegir Tactics Beta by @aegirtactics, so you better all click my ref link: [insert your ref-link here or use mine]


Have you ever been very very early on something big? Help me fix competitive card gaming and let me be one of the first to play AegirTactics made by @aegirtactics.
[insert your reflink here or use mine]


I can get an extra special NFT just by onboarding tons of people for the closed beta by @aegirtactics, so please do clicky clicky on my linky linky.

[insert your reflink here or use mine]

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Re is a community manager at Aegir Tactics. He loves teaching and blockchain. You can follow him on medium or twitter

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Blockrunner is a professional artist that has created one of the top NFT projects Flemish Giants. Fun Fact: He has real emus and Flemish giants in his backyard! You can follow him on twitter at

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