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We are excited to introduce you to our crafting system. Our crafting system was designed and is being implemented as a result of researching systems that are in place in games that share similarities with Aegir Tactics.

We believe that providing the player base with ownership of their digital assets which allows our community to leverage the use of secondary markets is a fundamental next step in game development. However, we also feel that by providing additional options to the players, we are acting in the best interest of the community and the game. So not only will you have full control over what you do with your digital assets outside of the game, you will also have the ability to improve your collection directly through the use of what you might already own.

The idea behind the crafting system is that when a user purchases and opens a vault they may receive an item that they already own. If that individual would prefer to have a higher level rarity asset, they will be able to use 3 copies of an asset to craft 1 a higher rarity asset. As long as that particular rarity of that asset has not yet reached full distribution (aka while supplies last).

In short, to craft a RARE asset, the user would first need to own 3 required COMMON assets. To craft a MYTHIC asset, the user would first need to own 3 required RARE assets. That individual would then provide their 3 copies to the crafting system and in return they will receive 1 copy of a higher tier asset.

To help provide better understanding we provided a diagram below to illustrate the upgrade path and crafting requirements.

Our goal is to make available to our players a crafting system that they can leverage to their advantage in time for the opening of the Vaults shortly after the initial launch of our first vault sales.

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DrTrev4 is a community manager at Aegir Tactics. He is an avid player of Magic Spellslinger.

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