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Lunaloveee is one of the best Hearthstone players ever. She is one of only three players in the world who have been to the World Championships three times, and was first and only player ever to attend back to back to back World Championships until Glory also managed to unlock that achievement this year.

Lunaloveee aka Luna

Hearthstone Career

Formerly known as Bloodyface, digging into the archives has her showing up in top 100 ladder finishes from 2014, the same year in which the game was released. With the announcement of the GM system, Lunalovee had the opportunity to truly go all in on the game, and the results really speak for themselves.

Her strong performances qualified her for the 2019 World Championships, where she finished Top 8. She qualified through to the Grandmasters program through the category of “Top Points Earner”, and it didn’t take her long to start dominating the field even at this highest level.

Luna was able to win the second season of Grandmasters Americas, which qualified her for back to back World Championships. After putting forward an amazing performance resulting in the Silver Medal, she was again back at it, immediately winning the following Season of Grandmasters, and qualifying her back to the World Championships for the third consecutive Championship.

Lunaloveee vs Monsanto in Hearthstone’s Grandmasters

Though Luna has by her own admission recently started to focus more on streaming rather than competing, she still finished the 2022 season with 29 swiss wins, putting her in elite company, good for the top 25 in the World.

A word from PrancingPony

My oldest memory I have of Luna, was when she was competing under her previous in-game-name of Bloodyface, and actually matched up against a pretty good Hearthstone player I was working with at the time called Nias back in 2015.

They met in the North American Qualifier Tournament in the Lower Bracket Round 6, which was the decider for who would go on to the Americas Championship to have a shot at qualifying for Blizzcon, which is where the World Championships were being held that year. If you are interested to watch, here is the link.

I have been getting to know Luna better after she joined our practice discord group (Pony Dojo), and have really enjoyed the conversations we have had. The speed in which she processes ideas is phenomenal. Her analysis, ability to see the correct play, flexibility in playstyles, creativity, ability to take risks… She just seems to operate at such a high level in so many difficult aspects. She is surely one of the most complete players that has ever played this game and an incredibly special talent.

I truly enjoyed the conversation I had with her, and look forward to many more in the near future, as well as sharing some of the back and forth we had in the next blogpost.

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