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Each month, a percentage of $AGR will be credited to an unlocked $AGR reward pool. The amount of $AGR will depend on the amount of revenue generated from the previous month (for example through vault sales). This step is intended to prevent potential inflation of the token. The rewards pool will distribute weekly $AGR to players based on how many gems they earned.

Gem System

Each Legend in a player’s collection will reward them once per day for completing quests (for example winning a match in Aegir Tactics). Gem rewards are based on the rarity of the Legend and how many premium cards a player holds (premium cards can be won from opening vaults) from that Legend’s deck as defined by the table below. Assets must be in the wallet during the daily reset to be eligible for gems each day and are distributed this way to prevent bad actors.

Table of Gem distributions

Daily Legend Earnings calculator = Legend Gems per Quest + Premium Cards Gems per Quest

Aegir Gem


The new reward system will be launched in the coming months. No definite date until it is closer to completion.

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