Room of HAN: Blending Culture and Color in the NFT World

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6 min readSep 14, 2023

Room of HAN (ROH), often called HAN, is an artist from Bandung, Indonesia. HAN has had a passion for drawing since he was a child. Drawing represents the wild side he wished to express through his graffiti work on the streets, long before he became aware of NFTs.

original sketch of the Room of HAN (left), graffiti by HAN (right)

In January 2022, he was introduced to the world of NFTs and joined Algofam. There, he showcased his artwork featuring human figures using two distinct 3-color palettes: HAN (blue, red, grey) and ROH (black, orange, grey).

HAN’s greatest inspiration comes from observing the unique human character present in every culture. He aims to imbue his art with a sense of culture and the story behind it.

One of HAN’s recent art pieces

The Aegir Tactics team has had the privilege of working with and interviewing HAN. He crafted a limited edition collection of ‘Aegir Tactic Legends’ as a gift for the Aegir Tactics community. Below is a recap of our interview, offering a deeper insight into the individual behind the name HAN.

Interview with HAN

HAN, can you tell me a little about your journey into the world of art and how did you get started with graffiti?

This is a big question, Istarted graffiti because my parents didn’t like to see me draw or do art. they want me to work in an office.

What attracted you to the medium of graffiti as a way to express your “wild side”?

Graffiti is freedom of expression without any restrictions and is done illegally because it crosses other people’s walls. LOL

one of HAN’s sketch pads

How did you first find out about NFTs and what motivated you to join Algofam in January 2022?

My little sister knows that I like to draw and post it on Instagram. She recommended open sea. After a while she entered the space and became acquainted with several algofams, one of which was thermoses. Iam trying to enter algorand.

How was the transition from street art to digital art for you?

It was very difficult because I just learned about the concept of a profile picture (PFP) when I entered NFT and all art has its own theme.

Your work often features human figures in a color palette specific to HAN and SPIRIT. Can you elaborate on the importance of this color choice?

All the colors chosen mean that red stands for passion, blue for trust, black for mystery and elegance, orange for adventure and optimism and gray for responsibility.

How do you decide which palette to use for a particular piece?

I chose the HAN color (red, blue, gray) because I wanted to show the spirit that exists in every human being. SPIRIT (black, orange, gray) because in every human being has a mysterious side and always wants a challenge.

HAN colors (left) curtesy of jim, SPIRIT colors (right) curtesy of aidfitz

You have mentioned that you enjoy seeing human characters in every culture. How do you incorporate this inspiration into your artwork?

In every work I always include patterns from various cultures from Asia mostly. include in the pattern of clothes, how to dress or in the background.

Can you give an example of a piece of work whose cultural story behind it means a lot to you?

yes, there is a culture series that I released, he carries a building/house. it reflects that we are representative of the culture we learned from childhood.

What was your creative process like, from conceptualization to the final product?

Conceptually, all works start with a theme. I discussed most of the themes with the holders. Even a lot of inspiration came from the holder, for example the first time giving kanji was the idea of one of my advisors, metagrat.

Do you have a ritual or practice that helps you enter the creative zone?

There is no specific ritual but if I want to draw an Asian theme I usually listen to anime and ghibli songs.

What challenges have you faced in your artistic journey, particularly in the NFT field?

The biggest challenge with 1/1 art is getting themed and differentiated from the next drop. Mood is one of the keys.

Instead, what has been the most rewarding aspect of your artistic career so far?

I can know many friends from abroad. in fact they are very extraordinary to encourage me to be better.

Who are the artists or cultural figures that have influenced your work?

One of them is machine56, tokidoki, iannocent, ghibli studio.

What art trends or movements excite you?

I am very happy to see something related to culture such as Inka, Egyptian, Asian, western. because at that time they could show art that was timeless and powerful

Outside of art, what are your hobbies or interests?

I like reading, photography and seeing natural scenery.

Is there another art form or expression you’d like to explore?

Yes, I am very interested in urban toys. I hope that in the future I can make my own urban toys.

Graffiti concept art

What advice would you give to young artists who want to dive into the world of graffiti or the world of NFTs?

Just try to find identity from seeing other people’s work, don’t be afraid to try and get out of your comfort zone.

How important do you think it is for artists to have a unique style or personality?

We can follow other people’s examples but if we continue to copy all the movements of the artist without wanting to find our true colors, we will not get pleasure from creating.
Characteristics is the key to providing space and limitations for where our work can go.

What can fans of your work look forward to in the coming months?

For the future we will launch V2. I want to give the theme house of peace (HOPE). I’m still looking for the most suitable base and color palette.

Is there a message or insight that you would like to convey to our readers, especially those who are interested in a mix of traditional and digital art?

The biggest challenge to learning digital art is the tools, don’t get stuck on having to have an iPad or a tab because the first time I drew I only used paper, pencil, pen and camscanner from my cellphone. enjoy the process.

HAN’s Links

Some words from Aegir Tactic’s Team

We owe a debt of gratitude to one of our community leaders, Re, for introducing us to HAN. Not only is HAN an exceptional artist, but he also embodies humility and generosity. We deeply appreciate the time and effort he invested in crafting something unique for our project, as well as the time he dedicated to this interview. A heartfelt thank you to HAN :)

one of HAN’s doodles



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