Vault Launch: Gregor

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3 min readOct 27, 2022


Aegir Tactics is planning to launch its first major vault series for Gregor’s Templar Deck.

Mythic Gregor (left), Rare Gregor (middle), Common Gregor (right)

What is a Vault?

A Vault is a pack which can be opened to release one digital collectible for a specific class. The first series will feature the templar legend, Gregor. A total of 18 possibilities are available:

  • Mythic Legend
  • Rare Legend
  • Common Legend
  • 5 Premium Mythic Cards
  • 5 Premium Rare Cards
  • 5 Premium Common Cards
An Aegir Tactics’ Vault

What are the collectibles used for?

Legend holders unlock a full deck of cards for play in Aegir Tactics. Premium card holders unlock enhanced card appearances with premium borders and visual effects. Additionally, each legend and premium card has the following utility:

How can I craft?

Collectors who own multiple copies of the same digital collectibles can merge them together to form a higher rarity. Check out our blog post explaining the mechanism.

How can I get a Vault?

In order to get first access to get a vault your wallet must be on the whitelist winners list. Each address on the whitelist will be able to buy up as many packs of Vaults as they can during the initial 24 hours (cool down time in-between payments). All payments will be in $ALGO. In the future more tokens will be accepted (including $AGR).

NOTE: It is possible that the vaults can sell out in the whitelist sale

After the 24 hour whitelist sale, the remaining unsold vaults will become available to the public. During the public sale people are free to buy as many vaults as they would like. Each individual vault will cost 6 $USD. Vaults bought in a bundle of 10 will cost 55 $USD and vaults bought in a bundle of 100 will cost 500 $USD.

Opening vaults and crafting will be available after 48 hours of public sales.

Timeline (EST timezone)

November, 18 — Winners of the Whitelist will be published
November, 22 — Sale will begin for Whitelist winners only (Discounted price)
November, 23 — Sale will open to public for remaining vaults
November, 25 — Vaults can be opened
November, 25 — Crafting will be available
December, 3rd— Public Sale closes and all remaining assets are taken off market

Additional Surprise Rewards

Whitelist winners and vault purchasers also have a chance to win an additional free prize. One example of available prizes is the Templar’s Founder Sleeve (886703000). These limited edition sleeves function as an In-Game Cosmetic (display on the back of your cards).

Templar’s Founder Sleeve

Thank you

Thanks as always to our great community

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